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TKE Memories...Through the Years!

Photos/Event Pics have been compiled by Years to best be displayed. If you have any photos to add, please use the Contact Us.

If you want to SAVE a pic on your pc, pause the slideshow,

right click on the image then click "Save Picture As..

"65 Years" Historical Video

CLICK THIS LINK to view on YouTube if not available here.

TKE 65 Years Video

A brief snapshot of the decades that have made up our 65 years!


Miracles for Mary - 2023

Here's the Link to a short video by Bill "BQ" Quinn introducing many of the TKE's and Friends at the Event: 

 2022 Tailgates & Events

2022 Pre-Homecoming Reunion

2021 Tailgates & Events

2021 Pre-Homecoming Reunion

The Year We Stayed Home

August 2019 - Jonesboro "Antekes" Reunion

2019 - Miracles for Mary (Fri Night Social)

2019 - Tailgates & Events

2018 - Tailgates & Events

Fall,2017 - Little Rock "Antekes" Reunion

(with new undergrads)

2017 - Tailgates & Events

2016 - New Chapter Events

(Alumni Volunteer Training, ASU Signing, Recruitment w/Alumni, ASU Presentation, etc)

2016 Goat Roast (Fri social, Dr. Hall induction)

2016 Tailgates & events. (Spring Rugby Tailgate & Spring Football Game)

2014 Events/Images

including Spring Alumni Regional Socials

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