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Alumni Association Dues

Annual membership dues for the Alumni Association are STILL ONLY $35 annually (Jan-Dec) or $500 lifetime dues.

These dues are payable via an ONLINE transaction, by check via mail or in person at any event.

Membership Dues are not tax deductible.

2024 Levels of Donations to Beta-Psi TKE
Alumni Association:

We believe that the essential elements of true brotherhood are love, charity, and esteem; these are the triple obligations of every brother in the bond.


After you have paid your Basic Membership Dues of $35 Annually (Jan - Dec), you are encouraged to become a higher level donor to support the workings of YOUR Alumni Association as you honor fellow fraters.


These may be given in Honor of a fellow frater - or anyone - you feel has been a positive impact in your TKE Experience, a Tribute to a frater - or anyone - you want to acknowledge for going above in their duties to the fraternity OR in Memory of a frater who has passed away.


The frater (or family) will be sent a Certificate that they have had a donation made in their name. 


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Giving Options for 2024:

(a small "online" merchant fee will apply.

Click Button for Fee Amt)

You DO NOT have to join or signup for a PayPal account to pay online! Simply click "pay by card" & enter your info at Checkout!


to view info on the new

Beta-Psi Benevolence Fund

SCAN the Code on your Smartphone

to go the Mobile Site for TKE BetaPsi!

PLEASE Update Your Information!

Even if you think its current!!

We Offer Two Convenient Methods for Paying Dues &

Making Donations:

1) To pay your dues ONLINE please select the icon on the left column on this page:


You DO NOT have to join or signup for a PayPal account to pay online! Simply click "pay by card" & enter your info at Checkout!


IF you want to make a donation to any specific goal or make a Love, Charity, Esteem or Lifetime Dues in payments, USE THE Donation Button on the CHECKOUT SCREEN & enter notes in the "Comment" section. ALL payment plans MUST be completed in the same calendar year.


2) To Mail a Check see the following address:


TKE Alumni Association

P.O. Box 1444

Paragould, Arkansas 72451

Ray Smith - #776

Ray Smith - #776

John D. Ruff- #697

Bobby D Caldwell - #476

Hon. Ben Story - #489

Dr. Dale Morris- #462

Ansel E. Young- #1304

Robert (Bob) Cable - #1288

Paul Mills- #499

Jeffrey D. Klitzner,-#1280

(pd posthumously, by Fraters)

Charles Luter- #303

Billy R. Shurley Jr - #1275

Scott Cole - #899

Gregory Crews- #876

Steve Stepka - #792

(pd posthumously, by his wife Kim)

Anthony "Wop" Paladino - #861

(pd posthumously, by Fraters)

Stuart "Stu" Stark - #930

(pd posthumously, by his wife Kim)

Chris Puryear - #1079

N.E. Adams III - #1184

Tim Booth - #1249

George "Buzz" Berg - #848

Neil Cate - #754

Rex A. Davis- #813

Randy Woodard- #608

John Cychol- #740

Jeremy Brewer - #1245

Bill Hampton- #480

Bill "Hook" Couch - #739

Lavon Wells - #357

(pd posthumously, by Fraters)

David Martin- #935

Cecil Holifield - #419

(pd posthumously, by Fraters)

Hon. Coy Branscum - #584

Laudies Brantley - #431

Dick Ritchey - #393

Dan Nicholson- #788

Tim "Slick" Stillings - #777

Dr. Dwight Duckworth - 985

Scott Ruff - #1109

James "Rockford" Garner - 932

Jerry Rapert - #1084

Josh Cole - #1247

Jeffrey Smith - #927

Clay Cozart - #916

Everett Adamson - #1053

Cliff Goodin - #331

Ray Smith - #776

Jerry Unser - #596

Ed McLain - #508

Jim France - #632

Mickey Bridger - #368

David "Soupy" Sales - #1012

Vance Lawson - #604

Carl Frein - #633

Larry Williams - #1027

John Drake - #955

Dennis "Togo" Wood - #807

Jim Drake - #782
Brian Pollett - #1052

Bruce Colbert - #1120

Wayne Carlisle - #609

Thurman "Jr" Beshares - #951

Chuck Keller - #880

Robert B Walker - #399

Jay Blackshare - #910

Ron Roades - #1047

Dr J Wayne Buck - #543

Gillis "Grant" Griffin - #586

Dr. Ralf Beilhardt - #1122

Dr. Gary Strickland - #766

Mike Todd - #911

Eddie Adams - #811

David Smith - #884

Joey Owens - #963

Scott Ellington - #1002

Drue Ford - #1075

Kirkley Thomas - #1082

Bjorn Skoog - #1132

Don Scheafer - #100

Wild Bill Brown - #1028

Robert Walker - #399

Terry McCord - #420

Ron Faulkner - #426

Tommy Calloway Jr - #478

Robert "Bob" Phillips - #546

Raymon Harvey - #600

Scott Berry - #1069

Len George - #1065

Mike Parker - #710

Adam Wooten - #1360

(pd posthumously, by his fiance' Brittany Burns)

Wally Jackson - #893

(pd posthumously, by Fraters)

Todd Gibson - - #1004

(pd posthumously, by Fraters)

Steven Oakes - #1182

(pd posthumously, by his brother & Fraters)

John Simon - #1031

(pd posthumously, by MIchael Todd)

Ricky Stanley - #1013

Jim Kyle - #507
Frank Wood - #1168
Kevin Cothern - #1035

watch for recent updates asap, please

Start a "Dues Drives" for Lifetime Member status

for a significant frater from your era:

This can be someone living who you want to get with your pledge class, etc & start a drive or a member who has passed away & you want them to stay close to the Chapter/Alumni Association.

Lifetime Membership Drives have been started for:

Frater Jerry "Flounder" Bolding #834

Frater Greg Crews has begun a fund drive for a Posthumous Lifetime Membership for a great Teke,Frater Jerry Bolding You can make donations mailing a check or online via the General Donation tab and commenting "Jerry Bolding" fund.

Frater Craig "Spunky" Cornett, #1090

Frater Cornett pledged TKE in 1986 & graduated in 1989.

Spunky and Darren "BUTTERWORTH" Beckwith hosted some great events at the Teke house called "LATE NIGHT at the Teke House" .... There would be people from all the other fraternities and sororities attend! It is a fond memory for those of us from the mid 80's....

Frater Chris "Frog" Hardy, #1023

Frater Chris pledged in Fall 1983 & was initiated in April 1984. You could find him alongside Blytheville childhood friend & pledge brother Chris Graves spinning tunes to most of our drop-ins & dances. Well, these hi-tech dudes used cassette tapes!!

A Local, Beta-Psi Scholarship Fund was started in memory of Frater Adam Wooten, #1360.

Please read this note from Brittany about her, Adam & Beta-Psi TKE...

Click Here to Donate to this Scholarship!

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