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While our focus is on getting the Colony Re-Chartered, we still need to be planninig for a future Home WHEN that happens.  Thank you to those who have made pledges and donations thus far.  We realize many will wait until we can sense a reality but would love to hit $50,000 by 2024!  These funds are held at TKE HQ in our Special Funds Account.

We do NOT necessarily need a huge, brick house with columns, etc to "match" any current house in Greek Village. Fraternities do not get to use the houses like they did in years past. Therefore, no need for huge party facilities, so many bedrooms it becomes a financial struggle, etc. 

A simple "Lodge" style building with a Chapter Room, Library, light kitchen, with rooms for 3-5 members will take us a LONG WAY in being competitive with a nice-looking presence IN Greek Village. 

Some may feel this will be an impossible goal but we must plan for probable goal. 

Take a look in the Current "TKE House" 
The Guys have done well to acquire this property adjacent to campus for now.

Financially...we are Over $40,000 of our first $100k goal!

Thank you for your continued support locally & through TKE Educational Foundation.

Update 2/2022

The Chapter (Colony) is doing as well as it has since the restart in 2016. We are way behind in time on getting Chartered but heading in the right direction. There's been a few setbacks, Covid notwithstanding, that have hampered a continual growth but they have a well-organized plan, dedicated members, a few older fraters staying active to help and are reaching out to Alumni for some guidance and assistance. 

You can help without taking too much time from your family and job.  With zoom, elec communications, etc you can help from anywhere in the country.  Please consider mentoring an officer by being available occasionally.  Their meetings are Sunday evenings at 8pm, so you can offer to Zoom in for a chance to offer your input.  Reach out to Kori Dunlap at 870-637-4150 to arrange a date/time. 

UPDATE 7/2020

The current members have acquired a nice house NEAR campus (across from the Armory) to use as a "hub" as they grow. We are very proud of their initiative and this house has a lot of character and will be a good "image" for them until we can once again look into some economical "Lodge" on campus for them in the near future, hopefully.

1906 Aggie Road

UPDATE 4/2019

Basically, we are in a "holding pattern" to HELP the Chapter get to a solid & sustainable min 25+ member mark. Obviously, the goal is many more BUT as a house is considered, they know the future is on THEM to show they can & will be strong & stable.

We ask you to continue to make your pledges & pay on them so WE WILL be ready when the time comes - AND IT WILL! These guys MUST HAVE an on-campus presence to compete with the other fraternities on a level ground.

NOTE!!!!!! We are most likely considering a much smaller, but functional, "Lodge-type" facility that can be supported by the Chapter with fewer members actually living there to make it a more feasable option. Fraternities do not host socials IN-HOUSE like we did in our days of the Wing & even the House, so there's not the need to have a HUGE facility to acommodate such events.

NOTHING will be done without the consent of the overall Alumni Association's support, so know your investment in the Chapter's future will include your input as well.

Thanks again for all who are re-paying their debt to the Fraternity & paying forward an experience for future Tekes at Beta-Psi!

UPDATE 8/16/18

Fall Rush & the Chapter Gets a HUGE BOOST!!!

A couple frater's are now renting a home owned by one of their dad's on E. Johnson, directly across from Kays Hall. It has a basement they will "remodel" to be used for meetings & perfect for rituals. It has a storage shed that once cleaned out, can store the bell & other misc historical items we (AA) are paying $600/yr for a storage shed now.  

They can host brotherhood nights, cookouts, etc in the home & large yard. Its great to see the TKE letters visible from campus to give them exposure as well. This is THE MISSING LINK for more brotherhood & cohesiveness the chapter desperately has lacked & will help them immensely until they are to the point (size, financially, stability) we should look to build the house & we are ready to build financially.

UPDATE 7/15/18

Thank you to all who commented, emailed, etc for your unanimous support in the help & "OK" to secure this exciting property. We did NOT pursue this property. With our low numbers currently & some logistic issues (on-campus scholoraship housing, current leases, etc) we could not garner enough members to affordably cover the lease, utilities, etc.

We just CANNOT go into a negative cash flow situation obviously & can't "sink" House Funds into a situation they won't be returned. This Fall's "Rush" will make for a more suitable option soon.

Spring 2018 Update...

We are revising our plans to build a nice but practical "TKE Lodge" style. We're not looking for a million-dollar, Antebellum mansion with columns, etc but a simple lodge-style facility with a chapter room, study, kitchen, m/w restrooms & 4-5 bedrooms.

Fraternity houses aren't used today like they were in our days of the house or even the suite (mixed socials are off campus), so we basically need a gathering place for the undergrads to meet, store ritual eqpt, fraternize, study & a few to live in so the rent will cover the lower mortgage.

We feel this is more attainable, sustainable and that we!


9/2017 UPDATE

We discovered during Fall Rush that NOT having a house to compete with the other fraternities is MUCH more of an obstacle for our chapter than we imagined. Therefore, we have GOT to pick up the fundraising AND revise our facility expectations to make this a reality sooner than later.

We are revising our plans, have met with a different builder & will work with an architect soon to present to our membership a more viable option. Please make your $500/$1000 contribution or start your monthly $42/$84 contribution ASAP to be included on the Centurion Plaque as part of the initial 100 for $100,000. We're over halfway there & want to reach this goal this semester!!!!!


There is a lot of information on this page but here's the "long & short" of it!

We kicked off an initial "Centurion Campaign" to get (appx) 100 Fraters to raise $100,000! All those who donate $500+ during this time will have their name on a Centurion Plaque to be placed ON the house permanently!

We are about halfway there but have not "worked" the fundraising like we should have.

We are Kicking Off our before Kickoff goal to...

"Hit a Hundred by Homecoming '18!"

See Below for Methods of payment of contact us today!

Do you recall the "glory days" of Delta Hall? Any fraternity NOT in Delta Hall was "behind the game!" Think of the Lambda Chi's stuck in the basement of Chickasaw Bldg or the ATO's in their shanty or the AGR's in their barn across Aggie. I never did know where KA's hid out.

Well, if our Re-Activated Chapter is to flourish, we will have to provide a suitable TKE HOUSE located IN the Greek Village among the other fraternity houses. We are committed to providing quality-constructed facility that while being very modest & price-conscious will still be a House we can be proud of!

We can lease the land from ASU for $1/yr on a 99-yr lease but the dwelling is up to us.

We have a Housing Board made up of over a dozen fraters from most every Scroll Era who have worked to implement this initial phase for the proposed project. 

We have had early success (PRIMARILY thanks to Frater Ansel Young #1304) in procuring several major donors for naming rights to different rooms/areas generating close to $100,000 in pledges &/or future donations!

HOWEVER, our initial goal for 2016 & 2017 was to garner about 75 new Fraters to donate (or make $42/$84 mo pledge for 12 mos) $500 or $1000!

We ALL wanted a new Chapter & now that we have it, we have to get progress made on our House Capitol Fund!!!

To be included on the permanent Centurion Plaque on the house, get your donations in NOW for the initial "100 Members for $100K Centurion Club."

As of April, 2018, we have about $50,000 cash on hand so we need 50-75 donors to hit the $100,000 mark. ONCE WE DO, then we can reach out to the larger committments to fulfill those donations which will practically DOUBLE our money to $200,000!

Men, this is very achievable & has to happen!

Tentative Location:

2 Sites across from TTKA & KA, Next to Sigma Pi

WHAT is the Best Way YOU Can Help?

Make YOUR $500-$1000 initial phase donation/pledge


make 10 calls to fraters closest to you to ask them to join our efforts!!!

Just Like the Good Ole Days....EMGAM!

Every Man, Get A Man!

I hope YOU will consider the value Beta Psi has been in your life. Fraters from decades before you set the plan in place & supported the chapter for you to have what you did in many cases.

Or you were part of the alumni that struggled to keep things afloat without a suitable house/wing, etc to compete & know how vital this is.

ALL we are asking for in this initial phase are mainly $500-$1,000 donations. Its about getting the MOST fraters involved & getting to the first significant goal before asking for the major donors to step in & for us to get to a more sacrificial level.


To donate, you can send your form & check to the Alumni Association at

P O Box 606, Jonesboro, AR 72403.

OR you can go directly to TKE National's site where they have a fund setup JUST for US!

NOTE: Donations made through TKE Educational Foundation are SPECIFICALLY for Beta Psi Special Projects (House) BUT we will ultimately only be able to access the % of the account balance that is proportionate to the % of the House deemed as educational. That is why we prefer you give through our local House Account but especially for larger donations, we understand your preference for receiving a tax credit.

IF you would like to set up monthly installments, you can do so on TEF website above OR we can send you a booklet for the local House Fund Account to mail in or remind you to pay online. Please email us at & we'll send you a coupon book.

Remember! $44/mo will meet a $500 pledge &

$88/mo will meet a $1,000 donation.

We also have a Beta Psi Scholarship Fund with TEF.

(For Example: If the TOTAL CONSTRUCTION COSTS are $500,000 & the area in the house deemed for educational purposes (by architect & accountant) are 30% (normal range) then the most we can access (initially) would be $150,000. Therefore, if we were to have $500,000, we could still only access $150,000, therefore, we request you donate to our local Account when possible.

You can set up monthly drafts on that site or we can do it for your locally. Just indicate that you want us to contact you for your private information.



We will not disclose WHO & HOW MUCH is given for your privacy (unless you allow us).

Together We Can Do This!

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