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Beta-Psi Historical Album - Images in no order of date.

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Not For Wealth, Rank or Honor...

We have had many Great Teke's pass through Beta-Psi. Some National Top Teke winners & even a Grand Council Officer.

The true essence of a Great Teke is not just what they accomplish as an undergraduate but that for them, TKE & especially Beta-Psi is/was genuinely...The Fraternity For Life!

With no disregard for other Fraters, we present this album in Memory of Frater Lavon Wells, $357 & in honor of his dear wife, Mary Ellen.

One of our most "famous" Beta-Psi Teke's

Elvis Presley,#318

A news article from 2008 with many more details!

Visit our

Beta Psi Chapter Eternal

to find out about Fallen Fraters.

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