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TKE Links:

TKE National Website

TKE Emblems & Symbols - Test Your Memory!!!

TKE Alumni Association(from the National Website)

Shop TKE Gear(from the National Website)

ASU Links:

Media/Misc/RedWolves Community Links:


Jonesboro Sun

Howl Nation on Facebook

RedWolf Roll Call on Facebook

RedWolf Roll Call on the Web.

(features the Online Streamed Daily Show with Frater Wally Jackson)

ASU Bookstore - Campus Bookstore

The Old Indian Bookstore - Across from Campus on Johnson

Red Wolf Gear - The Design Shoppe (editor's pick!)

HowlYes! - Athletics Info Site


If YOU have/host a website you would like to have included here, please let us know using the "Contact Us" page. You are welcome to promote your business, charity, event, etc & let other fraters know how to support you.

Miracles for Mary - The Foundation established after a severe auto accident for Frater Jim Drake's daughter Mary. Many TKE Alumni support this annual event. Stay tuned for their 2014 website &/or Facebook Event pg.

Learn More about The Drake Family's story here on this KATV News Story.

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