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TKE Memories...Then & Now!
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"65 Years" Historical Video
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TKE 65 Years Video
A brief snapshot of the decades that have made up our 65 years!

August 2019 - Jonesboro "Antekes" Reunion

2019 - Miracles for Mary (Fri Night Social)

2019 - Tailgates & Events

2018 - Tailgates & Events

Fall,2017 - Little Rock "Antekes" Reunion
 (with new undergrads)

2017 - Tailgates & Events

2016 - New Chapter Events 
(Alumni Volunteer Training, ASU Signing, Recruitment w/Alumni, ASU Presentation, etc)

2016 Goat Roast (Fri social, Dr. Hall induction)

2016 Tailgates & events. (Spring Rugby Tailgate & Spring Football Game)

2014 Events/Images
including Spring Alumni Regional Socials

2013 Events/Images
2012 Events/Images
Beta-Psi Historical Album - Images in no order of date.
2011 Events/Images
2010 Events/Images
2009 Events/Images
2008 Events/Images
2006 Events/Images
2005 Events/Images
Not For Wealth, Rank or Honor...
We have had many Great Teke's pass through Beta-Psi.  Some National Top Teke winners & even a Grand Council Officer. 
The true essence of a Great Teke is not just what they accomplish as an undergraduate but that for them, TKE & especially Beta-Psi is/was genuinely...The Fraternity For Life!
With no disregard for other Fraters, we present this album in Memory of Frater Lavon Wells, $357 & in honor of his dear wife, Mary Ellen.
One of our most "famous" Beta-Psi Teke's
Elvis Presley,#318
A news article from 2008 with many more details!
 Visit our
to find out about Fallen Fraters.